Top Class Actions OXYCONTIN CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: The Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy

In a public nuisance lawsuit, what are the damages? What these municipalities, your States, your counties, your towns are trying to get is an abatement of the nuisance. And what that is is that’s three components. It’s going to be law enforcement. It’s going to be education and treatment. So what essentially these towns, counties… read more

Opioids Part II is up on YouTube

Here’s an excerpt: Let’s talk about who filed these cases and what entities started to file on this theory of public nuisance. You have the States, obviously we’ve all seen state attorney attorneys general be very active. In these cases. You see counties that are very active, also larger cities and towns, such as the… read more

New YouTube Series on Opioids First Video: “Top Class Actions OXYCONTIN CLASS ACTIONS”

If you are looking for more information on the OxyContin lawsuit or other Top Class Actions, look no further than my YouTube Channel. We have a new video, titled “Top Class Actions OxyContin Class Action” Check it out here . Subscribe to the channel for more videos on personal injury law. From the transcript, here’s… read more

New Free PDF on COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

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Opioid Update

As you know, I have been involved heavily with this litigation. I am a Co-Chair of the Opioids Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice. AAJ is the largest plaintiff lawyers’ advocacy and education group in the US. I filed the Town of Amherst’s case against the manufacturers and distributors of opioid cases. Originally,… read more

Time Is Running Out on Individual Opioid Claims

Recently, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York extended the deadline for the filing of individual claims against Purdue Pharmaceutical for injuries or wrongful death due to the use of opioids. Originally, the deadline to file claims was June 20, 2020. However, the court has recently extended that deadline to… read more