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From the transcript, here’s a preview of what’s in the video:

Now, meanwhile, there is a manufacturer of this drug, Purdue Pharmaceutical, and they are owned-They’re a privately owned company by a family known as the Sacklers. Now the Sacklers weren’t necessarily what you would call classic medical or scientists. Uh, the Sackler brothers who founded the company were actually advertising guys. So they knew how to market a drug. And what they did is they started to market this drug now for breakthrough pain. Um, originally it was breakthrough cancer pain, and then it was breakthrough pain. And then they started to figure out how to convince insurance companies to pay for the drug is an actual pain reliever, but everybody knows opioids are dangerous, right? Doctors understand this of course.

Well, that’s where the marketing part comes in.

What they did is they took their drug and they marketed it to doctors. And what they told doctors is people can’t really get addicted to these if you’re giving them out on a prescription basis, because you know, your patients, you understand your patients and you’re a medical doctor. You’re a professional, you understand the science of addiction. So you’ll know when to help your patients back off or wean them off of the drugs. And they didn’t just, they didn’t do this with just a, the brochures that came in the mail. Uh, they had continuing medical education seminars. These would also be, uh, in nice resorts, might include a deep sea fishing, junket, something along those lines, uh, where they marketed these aggressively and explained to these doctors that there’s no possible way that your patients are going to get addicted and to give these out as pain medication.


Of course this was against all of the science. What they also told these doctors is that this was an eight to 12 hour pain relief, but the drug was only effective actually for about six hours at the most.


The doctor might start to see some of this, uh, addictive behavior, this a patient who comes in: “Man, I’m really hurting. And my pain isn’t going away. I need to up my dose of those Oxys-I need more Oxycontin.” Because Purdue is producing the drug, the brand name of it was Oxycontin. So let’s remember that as, as the sort of the driver of all of this litigation and this health crisis that we have, and this addiction crisis that, exploded in this past 10 years.