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Have you recently been injured in an accident or harmed because of a dangerous product in Buffalo, NY? 
Are you struggling with painful, debilitating injuries because someone else was careless? You could be entitled to a substantial monetary settlement or award. The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Marion is prepared to help you fight to maximize your recovery and get every last dollar you deserve.

For more than 25 years, Jeff Marion has been a fierce advocate for injury victims in Buffalo. He’s witnessed, first-hand, the ways in which an unexpected injury can change someone’s life forever. The pain, suffering, and costs it can cause. That’s why Jeff is dedicated to doing everything in his power to help his clients recover life-changing compensation.

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Proven Experience

100% Award

Virginia Iraqi Combat Veteran denied service-connection for his PTSD gets 100% disability


Settlement at trial for construction worker catastrophically injured by aerial lift

100% Award

Navy Veteran sexually assaulted in service who was denied compensation gets 100% benefits

100% Award

Rhode Island combat vet in Iraq initially denied service-connection for his PTSD and ultimately was awarded 100% service-connection.

100% Award

Idaho Vietnam War veteran awarded service-connection for shrapnel wounds.

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Client Reviews

I was a Grunt in Nam and Cambodia. When I returned from Nam I filed a disability claim with the V.A. For wounds sustained in combat. I was not satisfied with my rating and out of frustration, I looked for an attorney who specialized in V.A. Benefits. I was very fortunate to find Mr. Jeff Marion online. Mr. Marion did an exceptional job of getting me the benefits for which I was entitled to. I highly recommend Mr. Marion to anyone. He is very smart, professional and a good man

Carlos Ramirez

Jeffrey won court rulings in my long standing VA claims and SSDI claims. Very effective attorney that knows how to present and win in court. Thank you.

Highly recommend

Jeff helped me with my Social Security Disability case, and still helps when I need him. I would recommend him to anyone.

Best attorney


More Than 25 Years of Experience

Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, have suffered harm because of a harmful drug, or were hurt on the job, there’s a lot riding on your personal injury case. You deserve to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who has a demonstrated track record of success handling cases like yours. For more than 25 years, Jeff Marion has been committed to helping injury victims just like you. His hard work yields positive results and substantial financial recoveries for his clients.

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Passionate and Experienced Attorneys Ready to Fight For You

Life can become really complicated when you suffer an avoidable injury. And, even though you might be entitled to compensation, getting money in your hands can be a challenge. That’s thanks, in large part, to laws that are written to benefit insurance companies, not injury victims like you. Enlisting the help of a qualified and compassionate personal injury lawyer in Buffalo can make things a little bit easier. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Marion, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

Our commitment to our clients is what sets us apart from other personal injury law firms in Buffalo. As a small firm, we’re able to ensure that each and every one of our clients gets the personal attention they deserve. When you pick up the phone call us, you’ll get a direct connection to your lawyer. If you send us an email, you can expect a quick reply. There’s never a bad time to contact us with a question or concern. Our clients are like family to us. If you need us, we’ll be there. All you have to do is call – morning, noon, or night.

No Win, No Fee. Guaranteed.

We know that between medical bills and the income you lose while you’re getting back on your feet, the costs of an unexpected accident can be a lot. It might even make you think twice about hiring an attorney to help you pursue compensation. The cost of a lawyer should never prevent you from getting the legal assistance you need. That’s why the Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Marion works on contingency.

This means that you don’t pay us unless we win your case. There are absolutely no legal fees until we recover compensation on your behalf. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and no risk in asking for our help. Give us a call today to learn more.

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Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Whether you’re driving your car, shopping for groceries, or using a consumer product or medical device, you should have a reasonable expectation of safety. But if someone else was careless and you got hurt, you deserve accountability and fair compensation for your lost wages, hospital bills, and other damages. We’ve been fighting for personal injury victims for over 25 years. We can help you identify who’s responsible and get you the money you deserve.

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Dangerous Drugs

When you take medication, you expect that it will make you feel better, not worse. Unfortunately, many drugs are rushed to the market before their side effects are fully known. Drug companies often know there are risks, but don’t disclose that or warn doctors or patients. If you’ve been harmed because of a dangerous drug, our lawyers will stand up to these pharmaceutical companies on your behalf and demand the compensation you may deserve.

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Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents can be devastating. It’s not uncommon for truck accident victims to die or sustain catastrophic injuries, including trauma to the brain, spine, and chest. These injuries are incredibly costly. Our attorneys will work diligently to make sure that you are fully compensated. We’ll determine what caused the crash, identify who’s responsible, and stand up to trucking companies and insurers as we fight to get you the money you deserve.

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3M Combat Earplugs

If you were deployed overseas between 2003 and 2015, you might have received defective 3M Combat Arms earplugs in your standard-issue equipment. Research and internal company documents reveal that the company knew the earplugs didn’t work as intended. They were too short and had to be modified by the user to work properly. 3M never passed that information along to the military. Now hundreds of thousands of military veterans are suffering from serious injuries, including tinnitus and hearing loss. Our lawyers can help you file a lawsuit against 3M if you are one of these veterans.

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Car Accidents

In a single instant, a car accident can permanently change the course of your life. Worse, insurance companies have little incentive to offer you a settlement that’s both fast and fair. They’re looking out for themselves, not you. Our attorneys will work diligently to make sure that you are fully compensated. We’ll determine what caused the crash, identify who’s responsible, and stand up to the insurance companies as we fight to get you the money you deserve.

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And more

Our attorneys exclusively represent clients who have sustained avoidable injuries in and around Buffalo, NY. We handle all personal injury claims, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, defective products, workplace accidents, construction accidents, military accidents and illnesses, and wrongful death. No case is too big or too small. No issue is too complex. If you’ve been injured and someone else is at least partly to blame, we can help you hold them accountable. Contact our Buffalo law office to learn more about our practice areas today.

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Why should you hire a Buffalo personal injury attorney

You Deserve Time to Get Better

You Need to Know Your Rights

Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To

You Can Maximize Your Recovery

You’ll Lose Out If You Hesitate

Getting hurt is never easy. Physical injuries can be incredibly painful. You might find yourself in need of significant medical treatment and care. The trauma of an accident or being diagnosed with an illness can haunt you, preventing you from enjoying your life and getting back into the swing of things. The last thing you need is the added stress of a contested legal claim. By hiring our attorneys to handle your case, you can focus on what’s really important – recovering from your injuries, coming to terms with your emotional distress, and getting back on your feet.

You won’t have to worry about finding proof to support your claim. You won’t have to worry about dealing with insurance companies. You won’t have to worry about anything but your health and well being. Our Buffalo personal injury attorneys will handle your claim from start to finish. We’ll keep you in the loop along the way, but we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Generally speaking, you can potentially recover compensation if you’ve been injured because someone else was careless. However, there are many different grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. There are also several possible courses of financial recovery, depending on how and why you got hurt.

For example, if you were injured at work, you could potentially be able to file a lawsuit and seek benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Or, if you were injured because of your military service, you could be entitled to disability benefits.

The only way to maximize your compensation is by making sure that you fully understand your legal rights and all of the options for recovery that you might have. By hiring our attorneys, you can know that we’ll dig deep to get to the bottom of what happened, identify possible courses of action, and fight to get all of the money you deserve.

Most personal injury cases will involve an insurance company. You need to know that, despite what they want you to believe, insurers are not on your side. These are profit-driven companies that are more interested in protecting their bottom line than helping injury victims like you. So, they’ll often go to great lengths to deny or devalue claims.

Hiring an attorney to handle your case is the absolutely last thing insurance companies want you to do. It levels the playing field. It forces insurance companies to play by the rules. It essentially stops them from taking advantage of you and makes them negotiate fairly. Simply enlisting the help of a lawyer can make a massive difference in the path your injury claim takes.

How much is your injury case worth? Some aspects of valuing a claim are pretty straightforward – the actual cost of your medical care and any lost wages you suffer because of your injury. Others aren’t as clear – such as the cost of a disability or the value of your pain and suffering. Insurance providers will want to control how your case is valued. Don’t let them. They’ll come up with a figure that is likely way less than you need and deserve. You deserve a say in this, and hiring an attorney can help to make that happen.

Our law firm knows the value of an expert. That’s why we will turn to specialists and professionals as we value your injury claim. We’ll make sure that we work with the best possible information. When we work with facts and expert-backed evidence, insurance companies can’t offer a low ball settlement and expect you to take it. They’ll be forced to pay up and make sure that you’re fully compensated for your suffering.

You got hurt and someone else is responsible. You can potentially recover compensation from them. However, you’ll have a limited amount of time to act. The statute of limitations that’s applicable to your case will depend on what type of claim you’re filing.

For most personal injury lawsuits, you’ll typically have three years to demand compensation. Claims for workers’ compensation benefits or military disability benefits are subject to accelerated timetables. When a government agency is involved, you could have as little as 90 days to file a claim.

There are also circumstances that could allow you to extend the amount of time you have to file a claim. However, it’s important to know that you’ll lose the right to recover any money, at all, if you miss the deadline. By enlisting the help of an attorney shortly after your accident, you can ensure that your claim is filed on time and that you’re positioned to get the money you deserve.

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Are you struggling with an injury or illness because someone else was careless? Did you get hurt on the job or while you were serving your country in the military? Contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Marion to discuss your case and learn about your legal rights. You could be entitled to compensation. Our skilled Buffalo personal injury lawyers will help you fight to maximize your financial recovery.

We know that you probably have a ton of questions. That’s why we extend a free consultation to injury victims in Buffalo. All you have to do is give our law firm a call or connect with us online to arrange a time to sit down to discuss your case. There’s a limited amount of time to act, so call now.