Why Hire The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Marion

For the last 25 years, Jeffrey E. Marion has been focused on providing outstanding client services. When hiring Jeff, you get a lawyer who is accessible. The small size of this law office allows Jeff to see every client as more than a name on a file. Each client can be confident that he or she has someone in his or her corner. Jeff doesn’t like when a client starts a call with, “Sorry to bother you, but…” because no client phone call is ever a bother. There is never a bad time to call or e-mail, and there are no bad questions to ask. What sets Jeff apart from larger firms is that the phone and the internet are his lifeblood, and he will make sure that, when you call or e-mail, you have a direct line to your lawyer. 

This office has the experience and compassion to represent those catastrophically injured by the carelessness of others, and those injured by unsafe products.