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How Much Is Pain and Suffering Worth in a Car Accident Claim?

When you negotiate a personal injury claim with an insurance company or a jury determines what a case is “worth,” the goal you’re after is compensation that makes you “whole.” In other words, “fair compensation” means enough money to balance out what’s been taken from you. But if you’ve ever suffered serious physical injuries in… read more

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Lawsuit?

You may have heard that the wheels of justice turn slowly. Unfortunately, that’s often the case for a personal injury lawsuit. The journey from accident to settlement can seem endless, and it’s completely normal to feel frustrated and wonder, “How long is this actually going to take?” Or maybe, “What exactly is taking my lawyer… read more

How to Deal With an Auto Insurance Adjuster After a Crash: Top 10 Tips

If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident and decide to file an insurance claim against the other driver, one of the first things the insurance company will do is assign a claims adjuster to investigate your claim. Unless you hire a personal injury attorney right away and channel all communication through them, sooner or… read more

Florida Jury Renders Multi-Million Dollar Verdict Against 3M

A Federal Court jury in Pensacola, Florida awarded three military members $7.1 million in damages against 3M and Aearo Technologies for injuries they sustained as a result of the Defendants’ marketing of defective combat earplugs. This trial was the first bellwether trial in what is likely the largest mass tort claim in U.S. History. More… read more

I Got Injured! Now What?

I have uploaded a FREE PDF that you can access that will help you navigate a personal injury lawsuit. Some highlights: -You’ll find out what elements make up a personal injury lawsuit. -Want to know what to do right after you are injured? This FREE PDF will help you. -What you can expect from your… read more

Top Class Actions OXYCONTIN CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: The Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy

In a public nuisance lawsuit, what are the damages? What these municipalities, your States, your counties, your towns are trying to get is an abatement of the nuisance. And what that is is that’s three components. It’s going to be law enforcement. It’s going to be education and treatment. So what essentially these towns, counties… read more

Opioids Part II is up on YouTube

Here’s an excerpt: Let’s talk about who filed these cases and what entities started to file on this theory of public nuisance. You have the States, obviously we’ve all seen state attorney attorneys general be very active. In these cases. You see counties that are very active, also larger cities and towns, such as the… read more

New YouTube Series on Opioids First Video: “Top Class Actions OXYCONTIN CLASS ACTIONS”

If you are looking for more information on the OxyContin lawsuit or other Top Class Actions, look no further than my YouTube Channel. We have a new video, titled “Top Class Actions OxyContin Class Action” Check it out here . Subscribe to the channel for more videos on personal injury law. From the transcript, here’s… read more

Zantac Lawsuit Breaking News on my YouTube Channel

There have been some recent developments in the Zantac Lawsuit. Click here to watch my latest video with breaking news on the latest science.

The Most Common Vaccine Injury You’ve Never Heard Of….

What’s the most common vaccine injury? The answer might surprise you! My latest video describes SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration). You can check it out on my YouTube Channel by using this link. My channel is designed to help you navigate a personal injury lawsuit. I have been focusing on vaccine injuries for… read more