Navient agreed to settle a lawsuit against it for its deceptive practices in servicing federally guaranteed student loans and the public service loan forgiveness program. The link to the story is below:

President George W. Bush signed this program into law. Basically, if a borrower engaged in a public service job (teacher, fire fighter, police officer), he or she could, after 10 years, obtain forgiveness of the student loan. However, Navient did everything in their power to prevent any loans from being forgiven. You may remember that John Oliver did a long-form piece on this on “Last Week Tonight.”

One of Navient’s tactics was to make sure that customer service representatives limited calls to seven minutes, which was clearly not enough time for the caller to get information.

Our office represents those who are suing corporations who force clients into these one-sided agreements. If you have been denied the opportunity to get your loan forgiven, call this office or e-mail me, and we can help you if you have a case.