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The Most Common Vaccine Injury You’ve Never Heard Of….

What’s the most common vaccine injury? The answer might surprise you! My latest video describes SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration). You can check it out on my YouTube Channel by using this link. My channel is designed to help you navigate a personal injury lawsuit. I have been focusing on vaccine injuries for… read more

New Video is Up on YouTube

Check out this video to learn more about how the Vaccine Court works. You can also subscribe to my channel there, and watch other videos about vaccine safety.

New Video on Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is up on YouTube

If I get injured because of a vaccine, can I sue the manufacturer, and do I have the right to go to court? If you are injured by a vaccine, then you can get compensation. This video will give you the answers these questions. It discusses your rights in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. In… read more

New Free PDF on COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Is it safe? Absolutely! This free PDF will debunk the myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines and their safety. Get it here.

New YouTube Video on Vaccine Safety

I’ve started a series on my YouTube Channel covering your rights if you suffer an adverse reaction from a vaccine. You can watch the first video here.